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Enactus Durham is part of the ‘Enactus’ organisation which is based in 38 countries and is the largest campus-based, student-led organisation in the world. Enactus brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and business minds. We harness opportunities and empower people through sustainable enterprises, set up and run by students.

Our purpose is to support the personal and professional development of our members as they aspire to undertake new challenges to empower communities both locally and internationally. 

Our members comprise of the most assertive, dedicated and intelligent individuals, not just from Durham University, but across the world. This is demonstrated through our numerous successful international and local projects ran by our members which have impacted thousands of lives.

Our success has been widely recognised; in the over five years of operation, Enactus Durham has achieved the following accolades: Runners up in the SIFE Spirit League, UK’s Most Improved Team, Semi-finalists and Finalists of the UK National Competition.

We will continue to build upon our members’ strengths, grow our success in order to improve thousands of lives, and help drive change across the world. 










Never before has it become more crucial for the world to fight poverty, address the climate crisis and tackle inequalities. In line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, Enactus Students across the globe are using the power of entrepreneurial action to shape a sustainable future for the world. We are striving to create a path for positive change so the world can transform for the better.

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