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Spotlight on enactus durham

April 2020

Two of Enactus Durham's projects, The Ugly Fruit Group and Shakti, were featured in the Enactus UK blog. Find out how these two projects run, and the impact they have made so far. 


TUFG Goes to enactus regionals

March 2020

The Ugly Fruit Group was one of the projects that Enactus Durham presented at the regional competition in March this year. Read about the exciting trip that TUFG member, Julie Jongen, recounts. 


Social Enterprise with Enactus and Trans4m

April 2019

Read about the experience of Coco, co-project leader of Trans4m, at her visit to the Space4 community centre in Houghton-Le-Spring. 


Pink Speak and Enactus

April 2019

Clarissa shares the mission and vision of Enactus Durham's project Pink Speak, which provides employment opportunities to women in Hyderabad, India.