Our Projects

How we are working locally and globally to make a positive difference in the world

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The Ugly Fruit Group (TUFG)

At The Ugly Fruit Group, we believe that fruit and veg of all sizes and shapes are just as delicious and that everyone should get to eat them - we rescue surplus fruit and veg destined for the waste bin from local wholesalers and supermarkets. The freshest produce is donated to those in county Durham who need it most and the ripest produce is turned into fruity snacks to sell around campus and support our project.

So far, we have saved 300kg of fruit and veg from entering the landfill, donated 120 produce boxes and provided 1080 fruit and veg supplements!

Find out more at: https://www.theuglyfruitgroup.com/



Shakti empowers vulnerable women and children in a National Burn Centre outside Mumbai – the only facility in Asia to solely treat burn victims. We provide the burn victims with employment opportunities to assist their rehabilitation and reintegration process, as these individuals are stigmatised and ostracised within Indian society. Additionally, Shakti empowers schoolgirls in India, who on average own just 2 pairs of underwear and who receive incomplete sanitary education as a result of poor hygiene and social stigma. By using waste fabric that would otherwise go to the landfill, female burn victims stitch undergarments that they then distribute to local schoolgirls. Upon receiving the undergarments free of charge, the schoolgirls additionally gain educational material promoting the importance of sanitary health.



Akwannya is a non-profit sustainable period product project run by women for women based in the Kumasi region in Ghana. But it is so much more than that. Akwannya organises workshops, led by locally-trained women in government schools, for Ghanian school girls during which they learn about menstrual hygiene and how to make their own reusable, sustainable pads out of cloth and bamboo fibre. Our aim is to remove menstruation as a barrier for school girls and essentially give them “menstrual independence” wherein they do not depend on anyone during menstruation and can produce their own sanitary pads from what they have at home for themselves.



Durham is a student-led social organisation tackling loneliness and social isolation in County Durham with our craft workshop and social events. Community is at the heart of what we do: we are an organisation crafted by community, for the community. 


TakaTaka Zero

Our vision is to empower formerly unemployed youths in Kibera with entrepreneurship and employment that can support their community in the form of a Swap Shop: Taka Taka Zero. By ultimately running Taka Taka Zero independently and expanding the concept throughout the city, the vision is for the business to contribute to the sustainable reduction of plastic and food waste, whilst providing healthy foods to families with limited disposable income. We are part of the incubation team at Enactus Durham and plan to launch by June 2021. 





The Incubation Team

The incubation team was set up as a brand new team in 2019. We draw together the most creative and entrepreneurial minds in Durham University to brainstorm project ideas and assess the potential social impact of project ideas on beneficiaries. Utilizing resources from Business Advisors and external sponsors, fresh ideas can be harnessed to achieve their maximum potential. We plan to have 3-4 fully viable projects to run for next year.