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we are always looking for new members to join our growing team! Whether you want to get involved in a project or attend our speaker events, Enactus Durham has a place for everyone to get involved.

The Ugly Fruit Group is Recruiting!!

The time has come around again for us to start the recruitment process for the 21/22 TUFG Exec team! We have a whole selection of new available positions and we can’t wait to get some new faces involved!

For each of the 8 positions there is a slide containing role descriptions and expectations → visit for more info.


If you would like to apply please use the following link:

Best of luck and we look forward to viewing your applications!



We are starting recruitment for the new exec for 2021/22! The application process involves applying via the google form links below and following the directions in there. After the applications close the current exec will read all the applications for their respective roles and interview invitations will be emailed out. Once the interviews have been completed the successful candidates will be informed and we will work together with the new candidates to welcome them into Enactus Durham!

Available positions are

-       President
-       Vice President
-       Events Officer
-       Human Resources Officer
-       Secretary 
-       Vice President of Engagement
-       Marketing Officer
-       Technology Officer
-       Sponsorship Officers
-       Incubation Team Leader


For those who wish to apply for the role of PRESIDENT please apply following this link 

Applications close 9th April.


For ALL OTHER ROLES please apply following this link 

Applications close on the 16th April.


If you have any questions about the application process please feel free to get in touch! More details surrounding the roles and their responsibilities will be published next week on our Facebook and Instagram pages so there is plenty of time to find out more about the role before applications close.

Don't have too much time to commit? Become a General Member to still access our speaker events, networking opportunities and more! Membership is only £10 for the year, and you can directly engage in the Enactus Durham and wider Enactus UK network:




Are you passionate about making a positive difference in the world?

ANY student enrolled at Durham University can join us- no matter what year of study, faculty or program

Get in contact with us and you should receive a reply from our recruitment team as to where your skill set can be best used.