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Enactus provides students with an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and gain practical experience in entrepreneurship and social enterprise. More importantly, through our projects we can positively impact our beneficiaries to make a real difference to their lives. It is definitely a bonus that you can also meet empowering, inspirational and like-minded people during your time with Enactus!


I joined Enactus because I thought it was a great and rewarding society that follows the UN sustainable goals.

Francoise Labode

Leo Chan

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I wanted to join Enactus Durham as it looked like a great opportunity to make a positive impact. Moreover, I have always wanted a career that aids in tackling the SDGs in the international NGO sector. The projects at Enactus cover a majority of the SDGs goals and make an international impact, engaging with many different communities in their work. Therefore I think it presents a perfect place for me to work, learn more about social enterprise and grow my skills to continue making an impact in the future! 

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I have recently become interested in entrepreneurship and, in particular, social entrepreneurship. Enactus seemed like the perfect way to pursue this and work with some really interesting projects and ideas.

Ellie Agu Benson 


Alexander Cardozo



Enactus is the perfect overlap between doing genuine good for society and training your commercial skills.


I joined Enactus because I was deeply inspired by its mission to resolve global issues. I was particularly drawn by its range of opportunities and freedom provided for members to implement their ideas and projects.

Nav Aithani 

Finance officer 

David Cheung

Head of Projects

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I got to know Enactus through TUFG and I got really passionate about social and environmental entrepreneurship. I think creating circular projects to address the SDGs is something that really resonates with me.


Serving to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals through social action is the key reason Enactus appeals to me intrinsically. The core spirit of all projects is to promote sustainable capital growth without compromising on the ecological needs of the planet, an outlook I deeply resonate with.

Louise Cazenave

Marketing Officer

Drishti Patel

Web Content manager

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I joined Enactus last year as a member of the incubation team because it allowed me to combine the opportunity to do something good with my interest in business by  learning how to develop a self-sustaining business.  Enactus´s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Enactus community of like-minded, motivated people has really inspired me over the last year, which is why I'm excited to stay on as Events officer this year.

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I always wanted to help people, and solve the local problem to make a better world. Enactus offers a great opportunity that students can actually operating social enterprise, and it became really interesting to me. I can't wait to create synergy with people who gathered with the same goal!

Johanna Naujoks

Events Officer 

Jade Choi

Technology Officer 

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I’ve always wanted to do something different and Enactus offers me the opportunity to make a better world. Besides, since I study marketing and management, I wish to explore more areas in business, and HR is one of the roles I'm interested in.

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I joined Enactus because I see social innovation and social entrepreneurship as some of the most important mechanisms in achieving the sustainable development goals. 
As the mission of Enactus is to solve social issues with business solutions and create a new generation of socially-conscious leaders, I think this is just the right place for me! 

Joyce Chen 

HR officer 

Elinor Ngai 

Diversity and Inclusion officer 

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I chose to apply to Enactus as I saw it as an opportunity to work with great people towards really important goals, the SDGs.


Enactus offers the support and network to help you create the social impact you've always wanted, teaching you business skills whilst making the world a better place.

Lily Owen

Incubation Team Leader 

Edmondo  Strada

TUFG co-leader 

Liz Marney

TUFG co-leader 

Simran Shah

Shakti project leader 


I joined Enactus to keep me busy in the Covid summer. Coming from a working class background, food insecurity is rampant where I live so it’s really important to me to give back in that respect and TUFG was the perfect way for me to do that.

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After completing work experience at the UN in Geneva, I have been greatly interested in the UN Sustainable Development goals. I therefore saw joining Enactus as the perfect opportunity to help achieve these goals while developing business skills.

Enactus perfectly encompasses my interests in sustainable business development and working closely with international communities to create a positive impact. I cannot wait to join a group of like-minded, innovative members who are driven to improve the lives of others!

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Enactus provides an opportunity to work closely with business minded people. I study English so I really wanted to be involved in a hands-on business environment which makes a difference.

Hannah Jonsson

Akwannya Project Leader

Kathrine Rutter

Wecraft project leader


Priyanka Doshi

TakaTaka Zero co-leader

I heard about Enactus through Takataka’s co leader, Anna Lelek, and was really interested to see how different Enactus projects were thriving around the world. It was so cool to learn about their different business models, their solutions and beneficiaries. Soon after, TakaTaka Zero was born and here we are today!


Being a member of Enactus is a great way to contribute to collaborative action towards the SDGs. I was drawn by the range of community opportunities available and the great people involved.

Olivia Leather

GlowCycle Team Leader

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It has been an opportunity to learn how to create projects which create long-term, community-led and sustainable change in areas that I have been passionate about for years. Rather than volunteering, I have learned new ways of contributing to more effective business-oriented solutions.

Anna Lelek

TakaTaka Zero co-leader