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Meet Our Executive Team


Elisa Benham

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Amy Lee

I was immediately inspired by the mission of Enactus to tackle social issues through business, and believe that social enterprise can change lives. I truly support everything that the members work for, because the solutions that are created are sustainable, long term and empowering.

I fell in love with the concept and vision of Enactus - dedicated to creating a better, more sustainable world while developing entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. Enactus Durham encourages you to create projects that solves complex issues in your community and that is something I would love to invest my time into!

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Finance Officer

It seems rather ideal in the way that Enactus Durham allows you to develop your commercial acumen whilst also benefiting the world. For most people it is a privilege they will only really have at University, so it is great to make the most of it. 

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Annabel Brooks
Corporate Relations Officer

I aspire to create a socially responsible, meaningful difference to society whilst developing the necessary skills and experience to benefit my future career in business.

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Millie Harding 

Events Officer

I originally joined because I wanted to get more involved in a society and take on a position of responsibility that played to my strengths to develop myself even further supra-curricular. I have stayed on this year in my new role as I really enjoyed my time with Enactus and so wanted to help improve the society further for all members.

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Drish Patel


Serving to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals through social action is the key reason Enactus appeals to me intrinsically. The core spirit of all projects is to promote sustainable capital growth without compromising on the ecological needs of the planet, an outlook I deeply resonate with.

Eliza Tu Thi

Marketing Officer

Enactus as both an organisation and society really aligned with the things that I value. I can’t wait to work with the team to make a difference both internationally and locally!

Sponsorship - Yibu .jpeg

Yibu Jin 

Sponsorship Officer

I got the chance to know Enactus at the Fresher’s Fair in October 2019. The aim of developing sustainable business to help people in disadvantaged communities strongly attracted me. Since then, I worked in the incubation tam for a year and joined the exec afterwards. By diving deeper into Enactus, I was touched by the passionate members and fascinating projects, more importantly, the impact we created to the society.

Joshua Ryan

Sponsorship Officer

I joined Enactus to leverage my skills and develop new ones to help make a positive social impact. Enactus is an empoweringly transformative organisation which cultivates the innovative creativity of entrepreneurship to provide sustainable and socially responsible solutions to address real-world social issues. As Sponsorship Officer, I look forward to expanding the sponsorship base and building strong partnerships to help Enactus Durham continue its great work serving the UN Sustainable Development Goals on both national and international projects.

Enactus Durham is the perfect place to make friendships and meet like-minded ambitious people. I could not think of a better complement to my academics in my university experience. I hope my contributions to the organisation help us bring a positive change to the world.

Daniel Kozak

Sponsorship Officer

Project Leaders

I wanted to make an impact. Enactus offers the perfect opportunity to help bring about positive change in an area of your choosing whilst developing your business, leadership and innovation skills. So far I have loved every minute!

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Françoise Labode 

Incubation Team Project Leader

Edmondo Strada 

TUFG Project Leader

Shakti - Sasha.png

As Project Leader of Shakti, I make sure that all stakeholders – the schoolgirls, the burn victims, our project partner and Enactus Durham – are on the same page, so that we’re working towards the same goal – making Shakti a sustainable social-enterprise which can operate without our help. I enjoy working with Shakti because of the ability to create a tangible impact on the other side of the world – we have many plans for the forthcoming year, which is exciting!

Sasha Zaroubin 

Shakti Project Leader

I joined Enactus last year as I have an interest in business, social entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Developments Goals. Equally, I was really inspired by the success of previous Enactus projects and wanted to get involved in projects that could provide sustainable solutions to problems on both a national and international scale. I am really looking forward to leading the Incubation Team this year and working with all of you!